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Thread: GQ Tobacco Resurrection ... Kinda ...

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    Says not - but you could e-mail him?
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    GQ Tobacco Resurrection ... Kinda ...

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo44 View Post
    Says not - but you could e-mail him?
    The original site said that as well.... like I said in the original post, Iíve tried emailing the new owner on several occasions without any type of response, not a word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtobacco View Post
    Ive not really popped my head into any forums for a while, but having just read this thread......thank you so much for your kinds words everyone. I really do miss having my hands in jars of tobacco all day though, nothing quiet like it!

    I know several mentioned my blends, but I have had something on the cards with someone since i decided to close. But chance some of my blends might be coming back, albeit "Mix your own" sets. Negotiations have been slow(well 12 months of nothing in the middle really), but we are curretnly trying to get the ball rolling again. Hopefully we can get 4 blends brought back out to start with (Chocolate & Vanilla, Swamp Flower, Breakfast Blend and Askwith MIXTURE)

    Jim will let you know if anything happens, I will certainly be shouting from the rooftops of Facebook if it happens.
    Aye Glynn, Glad to hear Ye be doin well at this time... As Ye can see Ye 'as a strong following here in the States as well as in the UK. Laws bein wot they are will always keep good people under the thumb, which is why I be Pyrate, keeping traditions alive Ye know. But, I know wot e're Ye do will be a good thing. As we in the State can nae get Ye blends, maybe a Cornell & Diehl or Russ Oulette partnership may be a profitable endeavor... Just pondering... Stay Well Matey! thumbs1.gif And who's to say a wee bit o blockade runnin ain't some fun to be 'ad pirates.gif
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